Well Done! Handyman & Home Renovations

​"Excellence & Completion: It's Well Done!"

Felita possesses two Master's degrees from Regent University and is co-founder and owner of Well Done! Handyman & Home Renovations. Most of what Well Done is today is due to Felita​'s vision and organizational leadership, you won't find an area of our company where her fingerprints are not present. Felita is active in the structure and direction of the company, as well as company processes and daily business management. A large passion of Felita's is excellence which she can often be heard articulating: "Excellence is in the details!"  Excellence is not something she merely says, but it is the filter through which she evaluates each and every team member's performance and every minute phase of each project, whether small or large, she is constantly brainstorming formulating new ways to keep Well Done! performing at a high level.

David Price earned his Masters degree from Regent University and is co-founder and owner of Well Done! Handyman & Home Renovations. Along with project estimation, and the overall vision of the company, David oversees the marketing and growth of Well Done, and frequently stops by job sites to ensure the remodeling and handyman projects are moving along. A large passion of David's is completion.